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I grew up in the north and south of India and Singapore, and moved to the United States for university.

I am a 2015-graduate from the Graduate School of Arts and Science at New York University, where I pursued an interdisciplinary master’s of arts in the humanities and social thought, concentrating in philosophy, literary theory and comparative literature at the Center for Experimental Humanities. Prior to that I attended Babson College for four years, where I received a bachelor’s of science degree in business in 2012, completing a double concentration in entrepreneurship and the literary and visual arts. I also completed a summer-intensive creative writing stint at Exeter College, University of Oxford, in 2010, among other writing experiences.

I have worked in publishing as an editor at Penguin Random House India for almost four years, previously served as an editor of fiction and poetry on micro-press publications, and contribute frequently to a range of small press journals and digital publications from The Aerogram to Enormous Eye.

When I'm not eating a chocolate truffle a day or making long-distance phone calls, I've finished writing and editing my debut novel while working as an independent editor on developing other authors' books.

I live and work in New Delhi, India.