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Life's deep philosophies as told through the ordinary and the meta-ordinary.


*Tissues are commitment-phobes. 

*Be weary of memory lane. You’ll forget your address.

*A bad mood is really a good mood that’s accepted a possibility of who it could be. 

*The spacebar is the largest key on a keyboard and all it does is add silence.

*When facing lizards, don’t run. Wait for the lizard to run. If it does not run, then run.

*A bite in a piece of bread will always match the size of your mouth. 

*By very definition, shoes are a pair. But should you find yourself with two left feet, replace the right with the left.

*The gravel is only as hot as the sun and as cool as the moon. Water accomplishes both. 

*A tube of toothpaste running out indicates many things: healthy gums, kissable breath and bad time management.

*Eating cereal in a bowl is sensible, but cereal in a cup more fun. 

*If the label says wash and wear, wash and wear. If the label says dry clean only, dry clean only. If there are no instructions, buy new clothes.

*High heels are to flats what the highway is to side streets. Helpful on occasion.

*In the event of no alarm, don’t fall asleep.

*A magazine that’s read a thousand times smells better than an untouched book. 

*You only notice the candle was made of wax when it has burned itself into non-existence.

*A chocolate stain can be removed by making a cake out of it.

*If you have one rose body scrub and one olive body scrub, what do you have? A late morning.