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Dipti Anand is an Indian writer, curator and editor. She has an interdisciplinary master's of arts degree from the XE: Experimental Humanities & Social Engagement programme at the Graduate School of Arts and Science, New York University, along with immersive writing experience from Exeter College, Oxford University, and a bachelor's of science degree in entrepreneurship from Babson College – among several other adventures.

Her writing has appeared previously in 
Maudlin HouseCatapultBruiserAkéwì Magazine, SORTESboats against the current, TXTOBJXASAP ArtScroll.in, Enormous Eye, the Aerogram and several art catalogues, and is also forthcoming in a poetry anthology. Her first novel was long-listed for the DZANC Books Diverse Voices Prize in 2020.

She works at a leading contemporary art gallery in New Delhi, India, where she lives with her puppy Aiko – and then everyone else.